Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Therapist / Medical Professional

How to become a VW therapist or medical professional

1. Fill out the basic form and the disclaimer
2. Add your bio data
3. Describe your professional experience in at least three pages
4. Read the Oida therapy.blogspot for your information on VW therapy foundation
5. Read the B.G. as it is and Isopanishad.
6. The spiritual guides and the spiritual master will work to find a field of activities for you to help others in the house of wisdm or elsewhere.
7. You may also suggest how you feel your therapy can help your patients with you.
8. supply yourself and others with all VW paraphernalia
9. Report every two month in written form on your progress in VW services via your therapy etc.
10. Any donation or income arising from your voluntary VW therapy should b send to the donation account after deducting operational expenses. The name and the mission of VW should never be used for personal gain.

VW is our chance to learn how to serve God and his representative - his devotees who are fully dedicated to serving the world and humanity.


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