Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Master / Brahmin

How to become a VW master of the service to God and Humanity (Brahmin)

The humble servant is the real master of the truth. A real disciple is in nature a master. Nobody can be a master without being a humble disciple.

1. Duly initiated show capacity to accept and fulfill responsibilities
2. Try to represent teh spiritual master in all situations.
3. Study many scriptures of VW
4. Be an active lecturer of VW.
5. Receive recommendations of a spiritual guide to the spiritual master to be a good candidate for brahminical second initiation.
a) Send a letter to the spiritual master requesting him to accept you as a trusted disciple and convey on you the chance to give his message to others as a brahmin and also thus be permitted to engage in the sacred worship of the Lord.
6. If possible pass the bhakti shastri text in Univeda (Soon available on Internet)
7. Receive invitation of teh spiritual master to enter into the sacred brahminical order of master of service to God and Humanity.
8. Learn to do puja and sacred ceremonies


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