Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Terms of Conditions:

Fill out resume (make questioner) and send in or visit to present yourself in the Sunday program as an aspiring VW volunteer.
Get Special training
Get services asighned by the VW local director.
Start your service

VW Lecturer

The different topics of VW are to be distributed all over the world. For this purpose we require many lecturers

Minimum requirements to become a lecturer of VW:

1. Dominate your subject
2. Use as basis of the lecture the VW pamphlet.
3. Receive a written authorization to lecture on VW.
4. Send possible donations you receive upon lecturing on VW to the VW donation account after deducting local organisation expenses. Donations are used as by the direction of the spiritual master, founder of VW of his respective representative for different regions of projects. (All donations are tax deductable, Bank account No.....)
5. You must have read the Bhagavad gita as it is and Sri Isopanisad
6. You must follow the 4 regulated principles of sattvic life.
No eating of Meat, Fish and Egg
No intoxication of any kind
No extramarital sexual contacts of any kind
No gambling vice activities
7. You must at least chant 20 minutes daily the Maha Mantra in the mood of meditation as: Oh my Lord please let me become an instrument of your love.

Lecturer: Fill out Form

Try to meet a member on VW in good standing who can certify your integrity. Wait for authorisation to lecture either in your home, schools or anywhere. Start promoting lectures at your home. Get material you need for your lectures.

Optional: Get other VW pamphlets and CDs to show and sell to the audience. Keep financial record of your donations given to this purpose, others donations, and expenditures. Make a by monthly report of your lecturing activities to publish in our newsletter.
Reports should include No. of lectures, location, organiser and contain address, No. of listeners, Sale of items, donations received, expenditures.


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