Wednesday, March 22, 2006


How to become a VW director of service to humanity.

It is very important to direct others as we live ourselves. Give what you would like to receive.

1. Fill out all forms
2. Follow the 4 Regulative principles
a) Chant 40 minutes maha mahntra minimum 6 months prior to sending letter
3. Write a letter to the spiritual master of VW and request him to be initiated by him into the holy name of the Lord of love. Promise him that you will follow teh 4 Regulative principles and chant the amount of 80 minutes of Maha mantra per day (16 rounds on the Jappa beads) or minimum 4 rounds, 20 minutes in case of real preaching or service or health emergencies.
Also promise to him to only eat food offered to God. (you will be taught how to do that). and to read his teachings and the books of his spiritual master. You should also promise that you will follow his orders and try to offer some selfless service to the common goals revealed by him.
4. If possible establish personal contact with the spiritual master. At least get his recorded lectures and listen daily to them.
a) Read the books of VW
5. Or contact locally a VW spiritual guide and get his recommendation that you are a good candidate for initiation and to become a VW director of service to God and humanity.
6. Receive the answer and directive when and where you may receive the initiation and the appointment to become a director of the service to humanity.
7. Get the sacred vow and connection
8. Receive orders where to apply the services of helping others
9. Qualify seriously to be liked and trusted to prepare the entry to teh master of the service to God and humanity.


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