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VW Reg. Form

Please fill the form of the Vedic Wisdom Teacher Course.








Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vedic Wisdom Volunteer

Fill out the VW volunteer form

Help organize VW Sunday feasts
Distribute VW pamphlets
Bring Friends to VW programs
Raise funds for VW programs
Help in other VW projects (Inquire available abilities)
Organize Group tours to destinations of VW locally or internationally -


Terms of Conditions:

Fill out resume (make questioner) and send in or visit to present yourself in the Sunday program as an aspiring VW volunteer.
Get Special training
Get services asighned by the VW local director.
Start your service

VW Lecturer

The different topics of VW are to be distributed all over the world. For this purpose we require many lecturers

Minimum requirements to become a lecturer of VW:

1. Dominate your subject
2. Use as basis of the lecture the VW pamphlet.
3. Receive a written authorization to lecture on VW.
4. Send possible donations you receive upon lecturing on VW to the VW donation account after deducting local organisation expenses. Donations are used as by the direction of the spiritual master, founder of VW of his respective representative for different regions of projects. (All donations are tax deductable, Bank account No.....)
5. You must have read the Bhagavad gita as it is and Sri Isopanisad
6. You must follow the 4 regulated principles of sattvic life.
No eating of Meat, Fish and Egg
No intoxication of any kind
No extramarital sexual contacts of any kind
No gambling vice activities
7. You must at least chant 20 minutes daily the Maha Mantra in the mood of meditation as: Oh my Lord please let me become an instrument of your love.

Lecturer: Fill out Form

Try to meet a member on VW in good standing who can certify your integrity. Wait for authorisation to lecture either in your home, schools or anywhere. Start promoting lectures at your home. Get material you need for your lectures.

Optional: Get other VW pamphlets and CDs to show and sell to the audience. Keep financial record of your donations given to this purpose, others donations, and expenditures. Make a by monthly report of your lecturing activities to publish in our newsletter.
Reports should include No. of lectures, location, organiser and contain address, No. of listeners, Sale of items, donations received, expenditures.

Expert / Donor

How to become a VW expert or donor if you are a professional or have special skills or funds and you want to use that to serve VW follow these steps:

1. Fill out the form for all VW participants. Also fill out disclaimer.
2. Add copy of proof of your graduations. Add your bio data. Add examples of Fotos to show your skills.
3. Suggest your opinion how your profession or skill can be used for VW.
4. Wait for response
5. You may also start to spontaneusly create something to present to our spiritual directors to set a full idea of your capacity. Be expert - but never proud. All is Gods grace upon us.
6. Suggest how you would like to invest to help spreading VW around the world, or help other or new projects of our spiritual master.

Therapist / Medical Professional

How to become a VW therapist or medical professional

1. Fill out the basic form and the disclaimer
2. Add your bio data
3. Describe your professional experience in at least three pages
4. Read the Oida therapy.blogspot for your information on VW therapy foundation
5. Read the B.G. as it is and Isopanishad.
6. The spiritual guides and the spiritual master will work to find a field of activities for you to help others in the house of wisdm or elsewhere.
7. You may also suggest how you feel your therapy can help your patients with you.
8. supply yourself and others with all VW paraphernalia
9. Report every two month in written form on your progress in VW services via your therapy etc.
10. Any donation or income arising from your voluntary VW therapy should b send to the donation account after deducting operational expenses. The name and the mission of VW should never be used for personal gain.

VW is our chance to learn how to serve God and his representative - his devotees who are fully dedicated to serving the world and humanity.


How to become a VW director of service to humanity.

It is very important to direct others as we live ourselves. Give what you would like to receive.

1. Fill out all forms
2. Follow the 4 Regulative principles
a) Chant 40 minutes maha mahntra minimum 6 months prior to sending letter
3. Write a letter to the spiritual master of VW and request him to be initiated by him into the holy name of the Lord of love. Promise him that you will follow teh 4 Regulative principles and chant the amount of 80 minutes of Maha mantra per day (16 rounds on the Jappa beads) or minimum 4 rounds, 20 minutes in case of real preaching or service or health emergencies.
Also promise to him to only eat food offered to God. (you will be taught how to do that). and to read his teachings and the books of his spiritual master. You should also promise that you will follow his orders and try to offer some selfless service to the common goals revealed by him.
4. If possible establish personal contact with the spiritual master. At least get his recorded lectures and listen daily to them.
a) Read the books of VW
5. Or contact locally a VW spiritual guide and get his recommendation that you are a good candidate for initiation and to become a VW director of service to God and humanity.
6. Receive the answer and directive when and where you may receive the initiation and the appointment to become a director of the service to humanity.
7. Get the sacred vow and connection
8. Receive orders where to apply the services of helping others
9. Qualify seriously to be liked and trusted to prepare the entry to teh master of the service to God and humanity.

Master / Brahmin

How to become a VW master of the service to God and Humanity (Brahmin)

The humble servant is the real master of the truth. A real disciple is in nature a master. Nobody can be a master without being a humble disciple.

1. Duly initiated show capacity to accept and fulfill responsibilities
2. Try to represent teh spiritual master in all situations.
3. Study many scriptures of VW
4. Be an active lecturer of VW.
5. Receive recommendations of a spiritual guide to the spiritual master to be a good candidate for brahminical second initiation.
a) Send a letter to the spiritual master requesting him to accept you as a trusted disciple and convey on you the chance to give his message to others as a brahmin and also thus be permitted to engage in the sacred worship of the Lord.
6. If possible pass the bhakti shastri text in Univeda (Soon available on Internet)
7. Receive invitation of teh spiritual master to enter into the sacred brahminical order of master of service to God and Humanity.
8. Learn to do puja and sacred ceremonies

Spiritual Guide

How to become a VW spiritual guide

This service is the true goal of teh true transcendentalist. To never let down anyone. To represent guru, sastra and sadhu. To always keep strong in serving others without any wish of personal profit, adoration or distinction. This is entirely depending on a heart to heart contact with the spiritual master. He will appoint amongst his most trusted servants those who are humble and selflessly dedicated to the upliftment of others as his personal representatives in different areas of service.

1. Just stay that way even if influence and fame come your way. Stay simple and austere, but use everything for the Lord and always encourage all others with your words and examples and keep close to your guru and very humble because in a spiritual family there has to be a captain to keep the ship floting into the right direction.

Monday, March 06, 2006

About VW Teacher Course

If you want to give lectures on topics of Vedic Wisdom in your locality we invite you to assist a privat TEACHER COURSE in Vrindavan.

If you prefer that VEDIC WISDOM is taught in your locality, contact us in advance so that we can coordinate with the personal to come over.

Course Degree For Vedic Teachers
  • VW Volunteer
  • VW Lecturer
  • VW Expert
  • VW Therapist - Professional
  • VW Director - Sishya
  • VW Master - Brahmin
  • VW Spiritual Guide - Brahmin/Sanyasi

VW Enrolling Info

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  • How Long
  • Requirements
  • Cost
  • Registration Form